🚀 Ground Control To Major Tom – We Launched A New Video Music Series

Jennifer Lyn here. Thanks for tuning into my blog today.

I’ve got a fun little hiatus for you when you’re reading this.

In the event you’re looking for a short little escape from your day, I’m excited to announce that we’re getting back on the video creation horse and the other guitar player in our band, Richard <my musical partner in crime>, and I created some fun lo-fi video recordings of some of our favorite cover tunes.

Want to hit the much-needed pause button on your day and see the first video?

It’s a song by one of my favorite artists of all time. The very talented Bonnie Raitt. 

Use the link below to see the latest video. We hope you dig it!

Watch The Latest Music Video Here

I hope you enjoy your day!

Jennifer Lyn

P.S. Do you have a favorite cover song you would love to see us perform? Hit me up with an email to jenniferlyn@jenniferlynmusic. I would love to hear your thoughts!