🙏 2022 Is All About Gratitude

Now that 2021 is officially behind us, it’s fun to look back on the year and what a year it was!

My latest album, Nothing Holding Me Down, was a very big milestone for me. What started as a solution for Covid lockdown boredom in 2020 morphed into a very wild ride filled with firsts in 2021.

For me, 2021 marked my first time being in charge of recording, mixing, and mastering.  What started out from sheer boredom turned into an adventure and a deep rabbit hole I don’t plan to climb from any time soon. The freedom I’ve now gained having the ability to do this on my own is priceless.

2021 also taught me the importance of being grateful with the intent to never take advantage of the little things life has to offer.

According to positive psychology, did you know that showing gratitude actually makes you a happier person? I’m all for more happiness, so here are 2 things I’m grateful for right now.
1. My health. 
2. A New Year full of new opportunities, new adventures, and new memories.

Let’s make 2022 our best year!

Jennifer Lyn