© 2020 

Album: Nothing Holding Me Down

Lyrics: Jennifer Lyn Kessler (BMI)

CompositionJennifer Lyn Kessler (BMI), Richard Torrance (ASCAP)

Musicians: Jennifer Lyn (lead vocals, backing vocals, guitar), Richard Torrance (backing vocals, guitar, lead guitar, keys), Chris Addison (bass), Jim E. Anderson (drums)

Key of A 

60 bpm 



You haunt my dreams  

You’re Just like a ghost 

I toss and turn as my heart screams  

You won’t let me go 

Here I am crying 

I’m Crying, I’m crying, crying for you 

It’s time to lay your memory down 



The truth set me free 

Like a weight that’s shed 

I always knew it wasn't meant to be 

Love is really dead 

And Here I am crying 

I’m still crying, I’m crying, crying for you 

Oh It’s time to lay your memory down 



You make it look so easy, easy, easy 

You’re already out on the town 

You give your love so freely, freely, freely 

I’m left feeling like the clown 



I wish I knew 

What tomorrow holds 

I know I'll be okay someday    

That's one thing I know 

And I’ll stop crying 

I'll stop crying, stop crying, crying for you 

Oh It’s time to lay your memory down  



Oh yeah 

[Lay your memory down] 

Don’t you know I’m gonna 

[Lay your memory down] 

Yeah you I’m gonna 

[Lay your memory down] 

Don’t you I’m gonna 

Lay your memory down