CHRIS ADDISON of the Blues Rock Band Jennifer Lyn & The Groove Revival

When You Can't Skateboard, You Form A Band…

Born and raised in Upstate NY, Chris Addison arrived in North Dakota by way of California. As a kid, he was gifted with zero athletic ability and after getting wrecked trying to bomb a hill on a skateboard, he quickly realized he’s not nimble enough to skate and decided to quit.

Since all of his friends were skaters, he had to figure out a way he could still hang. After almost no thought, he decided that he could play punk rock for skaters and not get hurt (he was later proven wrong on more than one occasion, but that's another story), so he cornered his other nonathletic friend and convinced him to form a punk band.

Chris picked drums. Why? Because his friend already had a guitar and Chris didn’t know what a bass was. It turns out that drums are expensive, so he became the singer since it’s free. This decision worked especially well since the 2-man-band didn’t have a PA and Chris could yell louder than Kevin’s 2-watt solid-state Harmony guitar amp from Sears.

Drums for the band were provided courtesy of a Yamaha keyboard acquired at a garage sale that same summer until they found the one kid with a job who could afford to buy some real ones. A short time later, they all realized maybe someone should play bass. Since Chris was the only one who hadn’t bought anything, he got stuck with it.

Since then, Chris took to the bass, moved to the San Francisco Bay Area at 19 to be a rock star, joined bands with some of his musical heroes, sold-out clubs and recorded albums, received radio airplay, fell in love, moved to North Dakota, started a family, and even opened for B.B. King one time. Not bad for a failed skateboarder.