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“This is a fine gem of an album. The music is a masterful blend of style, substance, and songwriting. Lyn’s vocals come alive in front of these crackling musicians. They rock hard in and out of the blues and turn up the heat on the soulful end.” – Blues Roadhouse

“Of course, five songs are far too few when it comes to fine blues rock like this, but that should not deter blues rock fans from purchasing this EP. Just a matter of hitting the EP Play over and over…” – Bluestown Music

“Sit back and allow yourself to get blown away by perfectly done slow blues with their song ‘Going Round in Circles’ on the album Gypsy Soul…this band has me sold.” – The Atlanta Blues Society

“Jennifer Lyn and Richard Torrance’s musical rapport on the song “You Can Take it All” is sublime and it brings a delightful close to an excellent album.” – Blues Bytes Magazine

“The softly and beautifully done ballad ‘You Can Take it All’ at the end of the album ‘Gypsy Soul’ kind of reminded me of Van Morrison’s “Crazy Love” …. yes, it’s that good.” – Blue Monday Monthly

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The Follow Up to An Award Nominated Album

Released on April 14, 2023, Jennifer Lyn & The Groove Revival's latest project, "Gypsy Soul," immerses listeners in the rich essence of the Blues. This album serves as a fitting continuation to their previous work, "Nothing Holding Me Down," which garnered a nomination for "Best Blues Rock Album" by the Independent Blues Music Awards.

With a blend of classic rock undertones, the nostalgic songwriting spirit of the 70s, an adventurous wanderlust, and an abundance of reverb-drenched guitar solos accompanied by dual guitar moments, their new studio album promises to deliver that authentic old-school sound.


Soul Singing, Dual Guitar Slinging, Blues Rock Music

In their album "Gypsy Soul," Jennifer Lyn & The Groove Revival present a captivating blend of influences, showcasing a diverse palette that encompasses Rock, Blues, R&B, and a touch of funky undertones. This release beautifully melds the nostalgic vibes of 60s and 70s music with a contemporary Blues-Rock flair. Written and produced by Jennifer Lyn and bandmate Richard Torrance, "Gypsy Soul" serves as a testament to the duo's growth as a writing team, highlighting their compositional and lyrical progression.

Gypsy Soul

The album commences with the captivating title track, "Gypsy Soul," a swinging and bluesy number that delves into the irresistible allure of rock and roll music. It swiftly transitions into the funky and bluesy groove of "Low Down Dirty Shame," narrating a tale of love gone astray. On the soul-drenched blues ballad "Going Round in Circles," Jennifer Lyn's vocals shine brilliantly, harmonizing with Richard Torrance's reverb-soaked, dynamically delivered lead guitar.


"Give Me All Your Lovin" presents a playful blend of blues and classic rock, recounting the escapades of an intriguing night out. However, it is on "You Can Take It All" where the growth of Lyn and Torrance as a songwriting duo truly shines. This particular song epitomizes the singer-songwriter dynamic, showcasing the impact of a carefully crafted, stripped-down composition and the emotive power of harmonized voices.


Completing the ensemble alongside Lyn and Torrance are Jim Anderson on drums, Chris Addison on bass, and Barb Jiskra on keys. The diverse musical backgrounds of each musician contribute to a divergence of individual styles that harmoniously blend together, enhancing the overall texture and depth of the music.


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It’s Only Rock n Roll, but we like it…

Amidst the vast expanse of North Dakota's plains, a recording studio finds its place nestled between the tall grass and the boundless prairie sky. Within its walls, the air is filled with the electrifying sound of overdriven guitars, entwined in dueling lead harmonies and adorned with classic rock undertones. Accompanying this sonic landscape, the vocals resonate deep within the core of your being, leaving an indelible mark on your soul.

This unique musical experience, diverging from the region's typical soundscape, evokes the spirit of bygone decades. Jennifer Lyn, together with her band, Jennifer Lyn & The Groove Revival, embarks on a resolute mission to share their distinctive take on this style of music with the world.


Real Humans Making Real Music

If you're seeking the sounds of top 40 radio, this is not where you'll find it!

Nothing Holding Me Down, nominated for the Independent Blues Music Awards' "Best Blues Rock Album," showcases the fiery soul of a woman immersed in the baptismal waters of Rock 'n' Roll. Jennifer Lyn, shaped by the music she absorbed from her parents' vinyl collection during her childhood, draws inspiration from various genres on this release, including Rock, Blues, R&B, and a touch of roots music. The album beautifully blends the nostalgic vibes of 60s and 70s music with a contemporary Blues-Rock twist.

Nothing Holding Me Down

The album bursts into life with its opening track, "Nothing Holding Me Down," an irresistible invitation to let loose and move to the rhythm while leaving you yearning for more. Following closely is "I Hope We Make A Change," a song that uplifts and inspires with its well-crafted, thought-provoking lyrics, accompanied by a guitar-driven, resonant drop "D" rock riff.

The heart of the album provides a comforting embrace, like a soft blanket enveloping you. It begins with the Blues ballad "Lay Your Memory Down," serenading you with its soulful melodies. Then, the upbeat Motown-infused energy of "I Wish You Would" takes you on a storytelling journey.

As the album draws to a close, Lyn and her band deliver a powerful call for justice in the rocker titled "Weight of The World," followed by the roots-based closer, "Everything Will Be Alright." In its entirety, the album's eclectic blend of influences forms a perfectly blended ball of Blues-based music, freshly baked and sizzling hot!


Bit of The Old School, Bit of The New School

For this album, Lyn is joined by a group of seasoned music veterans. Richard Torrance lends his talents on guitar, vocals, and keys, while Jim Anderson provides the driving rhythms on drums and Chris Addison brings the groove on bass. Together, they form a formidable musical force.

Recorded in Lyn's own home studio, the album bears the mark of her collaborative efforts with Torrance, as they co-wrote and co-produced the project. Furthermore, Lyn's involvement extends beyond the creative process, as she took charge of engineering, mixing, and mastering the album.

The musicians' diverse backgrounds contribute to a beautiful divergence of individual styles that blend harmoniously, enhancing the overall texture and depth of the music. This dynamic collaboration brings forth a truly captivating musical experience.